Design WEB from scratch?
Some of sample wab pages available:
see samples on the middle panel.

Sending a brochure to Japan?
Some of sample works available:
see samples on the middle panel.

Web site design that appeals to target audiences around the world
WMS works with Bamboo Design, a leading web site design company who specialize in designing multilingual web sites, in Japanese and other major languages.

Together, we provide you with a web site which is not only in the desired languages, but also has a look and feel that suits the audiences you intend to reach.

Send a brochure to Japan?
WMS has a branch in Tokyo, Japan, equipped with state of art technology and with facilities for producing top quality DTP and CTS printing work. Our international network makes it easy for you to distribute product brochures in Japan. We can provide high quality translation together with these value-added DTP and printing services.

please call or email us and we will arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.